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(posted on 13 Mar 2010)


Technology's Embrace

"Star Maker"
23"x46" Digital Photomontage Print on Hardboard
Artist: Anthony Vodraska
Inspiration: I sometimes see the nearly complete work in my "mind's eye" and then set about realizing this vision. Frequently, though, I discover the work during the creative-technical process somewhere between image capture, digital compositing and post-print surface treatments. At some point the work connects with me in a certain way and I feel that quickening wind of inspiration guiding my every action.
The inspiration for "Star Maker" occurred deep in the process of digitally manipulating and blending several images to create a photomontage. Each successive refinement (force lines, enclosed symmetry, veiled inner workings, primordial essence and subdued colors) revealed a sense of foreboding over mankind's embrace of technology to unleash forces we dimly understand.

Process: My work is deeply anchored in the places I have lived and my imagination uses those local impressions and imprints to transport my creative vision to new places. In this instance, the several images used to create this work were drawn from the architecture, atmosphere, textures and animals of the Midwest region. Remarkably uninspiring source images were transformed into something all together captivating. Even the choice of those source images may go beyond visual interest and carry their own hidden meaning to the work.

As described in more detail in the post "Burn Away the Veils," I used Photomatrix Pro and Photoshop software to create the final composition. The work is printed on demand as an open edition print on satin fine art paper using an HP DesignJet Z3100. The prints are mounted on hardboard.
Anthony Vodraska

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